September 2020: Yes, we are still indeed slowly working on the game, as always. Art is mostly done. Writers have also turned in a lot of scripts. It's been a slow ride but we've actually come pretty far. So don't believe anyone that says we're dead, people say that all the time. We are working toward finishing Act 1 and releasing that, which is going to be many times bigger than the demo is. 7 whole new days, in fact, taking place right after the demo ends.

The wordpress blog we used exploded in an update or something and we haven't bothered to fix it. It's probably easier to just create a whole new site. Which we could. But there is not much point in it at the moment when we don't have anything else to say than that we're working on it.

The 300 people who actually care about the game are in our discord server. And we have kept answering yes the times they have asked us if we are still working on it. So there you go. If you want the discord link ask around, there's a lot of people in here chances are you know somebody who knows somebody who's in here.

You can still download the by now very old demo here: [LINK]