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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:56 am 

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Perhaps I'm over thinking this, but do you believe that games that give players a selection of choices (like Pony Amnesia for example) can be reflective of the player? Needless to say, when we're presented with options we are going to pick the one that "feels" right to us aren't we?

Pony Amnesia gives us options on not just who we do/don't pursue romantically, but also how we act (the kind spirit, the cold jerk, the easily speechless, and possibly more). Don't our actions in the game, despite it being virtual and a work of fiction, seemly demonstrate who we are as a person? Even a little bit?

Or how about games that challenge our sense of morality like Fable or Infamous? Won't our moral compass dictate (at least on our first playthrough) us to be the absolute hero or the fear-inspiring villain?

Again, maybe I'm over thinking this, but it's stuff like this that makes games like Pony Amnesia great for me; choice and character project guides me through the story with a smile on my face.

Thoughts anyone? Anypony?
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:18 am 

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I think it does show a little bit on who we are. I myself try to answer morality choices like I would in real life, and that usually makes me seem like the moral hero, with a few exceptions. But maybe someone who is normally calm and unassertive would try the "dark" path just to see what it feels like. As for me, I can't really get myself to try going "renegade" as Mass Effect would call it intentionally.
When we play these sorts of games, we get the feeling that our choices do affect the outcome.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:00 pm 
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Silencer00 wrote:
(at least on our first playthrough)


When someone is playing for the first time it is usually the case. But after the first time I like to say so I wanna be an x type of person and try how it will work out. So I could agree with you but only on the first playtrought. Sometimes the game doesn't give us options which we would like to pick (Pony Amnesia isn't the case luckily, at least the demo and at least for me), then the character acting do not reflect ourselves. I am rather moral person but I like to play someone dark and cruel.

Also on another forum I found topic about the character-player personality relation and many people in it had a theory that if you are a good guy you will play an evil character and if you are a bad gay you would ratcher enjoy playing a good character.

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