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 Post subject: On some art hiccups
PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:16 am 

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First, I'd like to clarify that I enjoyed the demo, and that this list may seem to be negative, it's simply out of a desire to see this game be all it can be (plus I'm in the middle of testing parts of my own game, so I'm in the habit of writing down problems, but not writing down positive things.)

There are a few places in the game where the artwork was kind of off. I played through the game twice to try and get several, though that isn't enough to see all of the party scenarios, so I didn't see all of the poses for some ponies.

  • A lot of characters' hind hooves look rather flat. This effect seems to be caused by the lines coming to an edge when it moves from the leg to the bottom of the hoof, as opposed to a curve as seen on the hind hoof here: ... rkle_6.png
  • Rarity's eyes seem to take up a greater potion of her head than in the show
  • At the beginning of the party, Pinkie appears to be floating about the ground
  • When Twilight's smiling, her chin looks kind of fat. Sweetie Belle also has this problem when looking sad. The line for their chin seems to curve too far down, making them look fat.
  • Sweetie Belle's outline is thicker than the other crusders', which looks out of place
  • That being said Scootaloo's outlink seems thinner than the other characters, like she was drawn at adult size, then shrunk
  • When you reveal that you don't know how you got your Cutie Mark, Apple Bloom look horrified and Twilight reacts to that, but neither Sweetie Belle nor Scootaloo react. Scootaloo's is especial odd since she appears to be smiling about it.
  • In Twilight's reaction in the line above, her right foreleg is bent oddly. It's bending too high to be at the fetlock, but too low to be at the knee. Also, her foreleg doesn't seem to have reacted along with that. If it's supposed to be bent at the knee, see the image I linked above.
    When Twilight rears up, her back stays level, which shouldn't be possible. As a result, the pose looks awkward. Her nose is also a little off in that pose.
  • Twilight's tired face also makes her look really old. It would probably look better if most of the tiredness were conveyed through posture and her eyelids and eyebrows. If you are going to use lines for bags, one short one would work better, as it wouldn't make her look so old. All of those parts working together can be seen here: ... ing_EG.png
  • Applejack's standard posture has her hind legs placed somewhat oddly. The pose would look more natural if her right hind leg were mid step or if both hind legs weren't leaned back.
  • In Rainbow Dash's embarrassed pose, her nose comes to a rather sharp point, and her right upper foreleg seems to be elongated. She also uses Fluttershy's eye shape instead of her own. I think the eye shape you're going for is more like this: ... 4f7pep.png

BTW, all of Luna's art is amazing.

That all said, I am looking forward to when more of this game comes out.

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