About The Game

About the game

Pony Amnesia is a visual novel styled game that lets players take control of a pony that has awakened in the Everfree Forest without his or her memory. Confused, the amnesic pony makes his way out of the forest and finds himself in Ponyville, where everypony is preparing for the Summer Sun Celebration. Upon hearing his (or her) story, the ponies of Ponyville are quick to welcome the new stranger into their town and take care of him. However, strange events occur that keep hindering the preparations for the celebration. The new pony will have to team up with his friends to solve these problems as well as learn more about himself.

The game has a total of four arcs, each downloadable after they have been made, with the player able to choose the gender and name for their pony. In the game the player is given choices that will continue the story on various paths. These choices will also reflect his (or her) relationship with the various characters in the game. Each choice has consequences so choose wisely.

Each arc lasts a total of seven days, allowing the player to interact with various characters in the game and follow their own independent stories before moving on the main story. Players are encouraged to follow these sub-plots in order to increase their friendship and maybe even establish a romantic relationship further on should players desire one.

About the team

Formed about three years ago, Gentltecolt Collaborations is group of bronies who came together for one purpose: to create a game for bronies by bronies. Staying as true to the original canon of the show, we are all artists, writers, programmers, and music makers who wish to create an interactive and MLP-style story that all can enjoy. We’re all from around various locations in the world and the one thing that unites us is our love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


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