We are still alive!

Believe it or not. We’ve pretty much finished up all loose ends and questions. Writers are writing. They have been for a while and they will be for a while.

This game is going to be three different acts. The first act is the summer sun celebration, the first day of the first act is what’s in the demo. There will be seven more days after that in the first act.

We don’t know if we will release an updated demo with a little more content or if we’ll wait until act one is done and just release it all at the same time. But it will take time. A lot of time. Because we decided to make a really big game. The writers and everyone else have a life outside of this hobby project but we are passionate about it even if we can’t dedicate super much time to it.

In short everything is going fine and according to plan and this will be a many years long journey. Maybe we will see the first act in 2020 though?

6 thoughts on “We are still alive!

  1. Best of luck to you guys, i’m glad that this game wasn’t forgotten about. Take as much time as needed, I still have that demo from 2013 and I’m exited for when I can replace it.

  2. Glad the hear this game is still coming along. I’ll be sure to check back around during the end holidays of 2019 hope to guys have a wonderful year.

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