We’re starting to do real work!

After many months of assembling a team and many more of having very many meetings, we’ve basically laid out a plan for the whole, huge game, spanning three large arcs. Remember our demo? Arc 1 will be ten times as big. And there will be two more Arcs after that.

So now when we’ve set everything in stone we’re gonna start grinding away, writing those literally hundreds of scripts, coding all the code and I can’t even imagine how many pieces of art we’re gonna need… we might need help with that part actually, so hit us up if you’re an artist and want to join the project! We could really use more people who know how to vectorize sketches (or create show-accurate vectors from scratch if you’re really cool).

Regardless of who you are, if you want to help or just say hi, come join our active discord server with hundreds of members! http://discord.gg/K6apKWt

Also donate some bitcoins to us if you’re feeling generous: 1HLwR19YdBv6xzz3ZEP3V3Guidenxxi9M1