We’re up and running!

Donate Bitcoins here: 1AzKAfF1Mr7owcgvjnGrgoE48s59kY3oCn

A lot have happened in the last few months! We have got a lot of new recruits, we’ve had two big writer meetings and an artist meeting, and… well, we’re very much on our way to start making some real stuff, start making progress on the game! I don’t know if we’ll make a new remade demo or if we’ll just release a finished Act 1 in a year or so but, hey, we’re doing stuff now, for reals! So spread the word and stuff I guess so people don’t have to be so worried (I’m too lazy to post this anywhere else).

Hit us up on Discord if you want to check how we’re doing, have a chat, have any questions, or if you want to help us in any way: http://discord.gg/K6apKWt

5 thoughts on “We’re up and running!

  1. Good to see this project returning! Here’s a few questions:
    1. When will the next update be?
    2. How many routes is the game going to have?

  2. Great news! I gave up hope and by happenstance checked in but I think it’s been too long and people need a reminder that this game exists still.

  3. This is a very interesting project. I’m looking forward to Act 1, as I really enjoyed the demo! I’d like to apply but I don’t have any skills that’ll help, or donate but I have no idea how bitcoins work. If you have like a donation button not for bitcoins or something, that’d be cool.

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