What’s going on?

Are we dead? Why are there no updates? Will the game ever be done? When will we run out of money to pay the server bill?

Well, who knows? This project is currently kind of on ice or on hold, nothing has happened in a year. We lost almost the whole artist team and couldn’t find replacements, that’s where everything came to a stop. I fully intend to finish this game, some time in the future. Maybe with a whole new team. I know I got Mr Programmer with me at least, we have access to all files and documents so we should be good to go… when we decide to try and revive this again…

29 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. An update, after all this time.

    Too bad it’s bad news though.

    If I knew anyone that could help I’d send them your way, would like to see the project finished.

  2. Post this shiz on equestria daily yo plenty of talented people along with whatever else you may need provide a link to the demo, I mean it was super high quality I’d even be willing to pay some money on a go fund me if need be

  3. Yo are y’all still accepting applications then? I’d like to help out as an artist, if you really need help.

  4. I too am an artist. While I tend to be REALLY busy I might be able to help out here & there which I’d love to do.

    For contacting me and seeing if my stuff is up to snuff here’s my DA

    If you’d prefer a different way to contact let me know.

    p.s. You made it on EQD ;) Which is how I found this.

  5. I’d LOVE to help with this project! I use Anime Studio 9.5 Pro as my primary drawing tool, but I am also fairly familiar with GIMP. I’m best at character drawings, and am the least skilled at drawing landscapes. Here’s some samples of my most recent vector art: “http://imgur.com/a/3acOX” I’d be more than willing to draw something up as an audition.
    I’m also very proficient with coding, and would be open to helping with that as well, even if it’s just helping debug or such.

  6. Hello my name is PL (PeaceLight) and I’m artist. I worked on similar project like this before. I don’t know if anyone remember about this fangame, but it was called “Welcome to Ponyville”. I was a background artist for that project (and sometime work on sprites). Your project caught my interested and I would like to talk the one who’s in charge of it before I do anything.

    You can contact at my DA: http://aaastudios.deviantart.com

    I hope I’ll be hearing from you and have a nice day :)

  7. if you need another artist then i would be willing to help, i’m good with close-ups, but not so much with proportions, I use animate CC, so i could also probably make a few short cut-scenes

    if you need the help send me an email at fiddlydip@gmail.com

  8. This is from a while back, but I am still practicing drawing. I would love to help out if you are still looking for artist! I am actually a good writer, so I can help out with that if you would let me.

  9. That moment… You don’t know what to do, you’re bored… AND THEN YOU SEE THE UPDATE. BAMM! FOR SUCKS SAKE. I WAS WAITING SO LONG! Gawd im so hyped again!! :D

  10. I’m a little busy with work, but I would love to get in on this project. If nothing else it would get me back into illustration again after I’ve been focusing on graphic design for work. My illustration style tends to be mostly anime or cartoonnetwork-cartoonish, but I can mimic other styles with practice. I can do traditional (pencil, pen, marker,and color pencil) and digital art in either photoshop or illustrator. Here’s a link to my gallery and a couple pony pics for samples:

  11. I would be interrested in being one of the artist if you still need some. I use Autodesk Sketchbook or Corel Painter Essentials 4. I am also a traditional sketch artist and work with a lot of different materials. If you would like to see some of my work, here is my deviantart page: http://epicrythm.deviantart.com/

  12. I am interested in this and I would like to help , use the paint tool sai to make my drawings, though I digitalize my drawings to have a good guide in the sai.
    You can contact me through my DA: http : //silveralmaz.deviantart.com/
    I hope your message soon and be of help with your project

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