Site Back Up

We apologize for the inconvenience over the past few days. We forgot to pay our yearly bill to keep the site going and we only just managed to clear it up. The game is still being made, but progress is slow due to a lack of artists in our art department. We’re still accepting applications for artists and we encourage anybody who is an artist or knows an artist with time on their hands to help us out via applying.

Once again, we apologize for having our site offline for the past few days. We’re not quitting and we’re gonna do our best to see this game to the end.

18 thoughts on “Site Back Up

  1. Glad to hear that. Don’t worry guys, we (or at least I) will wait patiently. The demo was so cool that all I care about is for game to be complete, it doesn’t matter how long it’ll take. Just a quick question, are you guys going to add voices to the game? ‘Cause I seggest you don’t. I think the game is great the way it is. But, hey it’s not my game so do whatever you want, just a suggestion from a follower. ;)

  2. You could always ask EQD to make a post for artists wanted, as I’ve seen them do so for other projects before.

  3. I figured it was something like that, but I was also worried that the project was cancelled. Good to hear that it’s cleared up. And like previously posted, maybe contacting Equestria Daily, or maybe even Equestria Gaming, would be a good idea.

  4. Was definitely worried something happened when the site was down…

    Honestly, I wish I could be one of the sketchers. If I wasn’t trying to be done with college and having to make up for transfer hours, I would be all over that. Most of my creative activities have slowed to a crawl because of school, so I understand that you guys are having similar trouble.

    If you’d prefer I could still apply now, and make what I can in my spare time, at least until I’ve graduated. My biggest philosophy is: “Don’t sit around waiting for someone to make the game you want, do it yourself.”

    Never give up guys :)

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