Update Fom Us

Hello everyone,

I know you’ve been eager to hear some news from us, so here it is. We’re sorry to say that real life has been hindering us, but we’re doing our best to keep pushing forward. We’re committed to the task, and we’re starting to show some progress, albeit slowly. Hopefully, we’ll be able to show the fruits of our labor in time.

Once our real life gets less hectic, and we get a few more people on the team, we’re sure to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, please continue to talk on our forums, and apply for jobs to join us.

Thank you,

-Admin, Gentlecolts Leader

12 thoughts on “Update Fom Us

  1. Good to hear it.

    Personally, so long as you don’t outright let this project slip down the drain…then I’m fine with waiting quite awhile.

    I doubt this is gonna outlive me, so keep plugging away.

  2. Thanks for the “Yes we’re still at it, project not dead yet” !
    I really appreciate it.

    Please keep us updated every once in a while :3

  3. Glad you guys are still at it, but listen when I say don’t rush it. This project is your creation, and the key to making something great is patience. So keep the pace steady and (of course) have some fun.

  4. We understand your situation for we all kinda have the same problems.
    But still, when there’s a will there’s a way!

    By the way, i’ll help you guys by emailing others to volunteer to work on this project as soon summer starts!

    Good luck anyways!

  5. Haha great! I don’t care if i have to wait until the end of next summer! I can’t tell you how many games i got excited for, then they were just dropped because the creators got to stressed and annoyed that they just gave up the project entirely.
    TAKE YOUR TIME! But most importantly have fun at the same time!

    • I Agree with you.
      Please, don’t drop this game.
      As for my opinion, this will be the greatest “sim dating” game EVER!!! <3
      :) ))))))


  6. Happy to hear it. Like everybody else said take your time, this is turning into something awesome and would rather you keep plugging away as you are than either rush it or outright drop it. Also, the update is much appreciated. Ty :)

  7. Well, as long as progress is being made, it’s a good thing. And good thing to get the real life stuff sorted out first. Good luck.

  8. Hope this project is still kicking. Played the demo countless times and am looking forward to the 1st Act.

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