Open Position Updates

Hello, everypony.

We just wanted to let people know that our music position has been filled, but we are still accepting applications for the rest of the open positions. And I’m sorry to say but we are not accepting Voice Acting positions as we have no plans to include any voice acting in the game. At least at this time.

As for what our plans are currently, while we reorganize our team and fill up missing positions, we’ll be working on updating our previous work in the demo based on the comments and criticism we’ve recieved. We may post the updated work art and music overtime, but once that’s done we’ll be working on new designs and start the process of completing Arc 1 of the game.

Please check the “Open Positions” section if your still interested in a place in our team. Spread it around too if you can.

4 thoughts on “Open Position Updates

  1. how about posting/updating 1 demo every 3 months? that way the fans keep checking and with the frequent updates the fans will bring in more fans.

    • I Agree with you, furry?

      Maybe you should put an auto-update system in the game so that It can be released already and you can just add new scene to it, day by day.

      “Easy Logic” -Twilight Spakle

      Note: By the way, are you a MLP fan, Lynn?
      Or a furry fan?
      (Just asking)

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