Gentlecolts 2017 Revival – Discord Chat

Invite Link:

Once again, I’m sorry. This is the last time I’m going to attempt this, which is why I’m going to do it differently. Instead of doing it all by myself, contacting people by mail, trying to get a full group but failing because we couldn’t get enough artists or whatever and then giving up on it and going silent for a few months… fuck it. I’m not gonna do that. I know you all probably don’t have much of a reason to believe in us any more, but… please, just one last chance, okay?

Please, if you have ANY interest whatsoever in this project, whether or not you think you can contribute or plan on joining the team etc, please come hang out in our brand new discord channel! I’d love to be able to talk to you all in real time, maybe we can get a ball rolling, if you can’t help directly maybe you can spread the word and ask friends etc.

Here’s the link again, feel free to share it:

What’s going on?

Are we dead? Why are there no updates? Will the game ever be done? When will we run out of money to pay the server bill?

Well, who knows? This project is currently kind of on ice or on hold, nothing has happened in a year. We lost almost the whole artist team and couldn’t find replacements, that’s where everything came to a stop. I fully intend to finish this game, some time in the future. Maybe with a whole new team. I know I got Mr Programmer with me at least, we have access to all files and documents so we should be good to go… when we decide to try and revive this again…

Twilight Art

So far things are going well. We’ve decided to show you guys a new Twilight Sparkle emotion and one of our old ones from the demo that has been redone. Have a look and enjoy.

Remember, if you want to apply for an art position, please see our open positions section.
















Site Back Up

We apologize for the inconvenience over the past few days. We forgot to pay our yearly bill to keep the site going and we only just managed to clear it up. The game is still being made, but progress is slow due to a lack of artists in our art department. We’re still accepting applications for artists and we encourage anybody who is an artist or knows an artist with time on their hands to help us out via applying.

Once again, we apologize for having our site offline for the past few days. We’re not quitting and we’re gonna do our best to see this game to the end.

Update Fom Us

Hello everyone,

I know you’ve been eager to hear some news from us, so here it is. We’re sorry to say that real life has been hindering us, but we’re doing our best to keep pushing forward. We’re committed to the task, and we’re starting to show some progress, albeit slowly. Hopefully, we’ll be able to show the fruits of our labor in time.

Once our real life gets less hectic, and we get a few more people on the team, we’re sure to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, please continue to talk on our forums, and apply for jobs to join us.

Thank you,

-Admin, Gentlecolts Leader

Open Position Updates

Hello, everypony.

We just wanted to let people know that our music position has been filled, but we are still accepting applications for the rest of the open positions. And I’m sorry to say but we are not accepting Voice Acting positions as we have no plans to include any voice acting in the game. At least at this time.

As for what our plans are currently, while we reorganize our team and fill up missing positions, we’ll be working on updating our previous work in the demo based on the comments and criticism we’ve recieved. We may post the updated work art and music overtime, but once that’s done we’ll be working on new designs and start the process of completing Arc 1 of the game.

Please check the “Open Positions” section if your still interested in a place in our team. Spread it around too if you can.

Now Accepting Applications

Happy Holidays everyone.

As we mentioned in our last blog entry, we are now ready to accept applications for open positions on our team. The openings we have are for writers, musicians, sketchers, and vector artists.

If you are interested in a position, please head over to the “Open Positions” page and read the requirements before sending us your application. We will be looking at them during the holiday season and, should we find your application acceptable, we will contact you via email for a possible Skype interview. Please note that some of the positions may require you to take a simple test should you be interviewed.

If you have questions, ask us on our forum or email us at

Thank you and happy holidays to all.

Post demo launch update

Hello everyone! We’d like to thank everybody who’s downloaded and commented on our demo; we really appreciate your feedback and we’re glad that you like the game.

We’re happy to announce that development of the game is going well and that you’ll be seeing some changes when the full game comes out. Among those will be the ability to interact with and develop relationships with new characters such as The Great and Powerful Trixie, Soarin, and Braeburn.

We’d also like to announce that we’ll soon be accepting applications for new members to our team. We’ll have open positions for writers, artists, and musicians so if you’re interested in joining us keep an eye out for details in the near future.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays from us at Gentlecolt Collaborations!